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6 Must-Visit Cafes for Remote Work (w/ outlets and Free Wifi)

Have you ever planned to work in a cafe only to find out they don’t even have Wi-Fi? Or is your laptop a big baby that needs to be charged all the time just to get it through one entire workday? Here at Lit Digital, we've been championing remote work even before the pandemic. And being in the creative industry requires us to work in new and interesting spaces to stay inspired and motivated.

Today, we are introducing six spots in the Metro you should visit if you enjoy working outside of your home. Of course, we had to consider the practicality of this and make sure you wouldn’t have to worry about getting low bats or having poor service during this fun productive day.

Video Source: Bad Cafe on Instagram

Location: Windsor Tower, Makati City

Bad Cafe is always filled with other working professionals and students; maybe it’s because they’re so warm and accommodating here! Apart from coffee, they also serve cocktails, breakfast, and brunch goodies you can enjoy alongside your coffee. Naia, from our team, has enjoyed doing pomodoro timers here while she spent her five-minute breaks walking around Makati for fresh air and breathers. Tag us when you visit!

Location: Cubao Expo, Quezon City

Cubao Expo is a great "comfort place" for looking at art, doing vintage shopping, enjoying beer, and supporting local small businesses. But did you know that it’s also a great place to work? The Brewman Coffee is such an inspiring and chill spot to do creative work since so much art surrounds you. They also have board games for when you want to take a break with friends.

Location: President's Grove, Parañaque City

Dahan Specialty Coffee is a cute and cozy spot for doing work solo. This spot is pet-friendly, with comforting and friendly resident cats. They also sell great merchandise, like t-shirts, hats, tote bags, and even candles. If you want to wind down after a long day of work, they also have wines and desserts that are to die for! You should definitely tag us when you visit!

Location: 180 J. Elizalde Avenue, corner Concha Cruz Dr, Parañaque City

The Black Bean not only has the best brunch food, but they are one of the best places to get work done. The dark and cozy ambiance may not seem like the perfect spot to be productive, but you’ll be surprised with how many hours you’ll end up staying here and getting actual work done. It’s really comfortable and also pet-friendly. If you’re lucky, those occasional boos from the owner’s pets will help you stay there even longer.

Location: Molito Lifestyle Center, Muntinlupa City

This place has been around for a while, but you'd be surprised how this actually is a great place for work after your first visit. Exchange Alley Coffee House is a good spot to get work done before a date or dinner in the area.

P.S. This place is really cold, so don’t forget to bring a jacket! #LitCaresAboutYou 😉

Location: 2233 Chino Roces Ave, Makati City

Yes, we’re raving about Flo again, because they are just the best place for any occasion. For a private event, a day drinking with friends, studying, or even working alone --it’s a great place to get things done while having fun. Their playful and unique coffee selection is one to really try and will help you get through an entire workday!

There you have it! Lots of fun ways to spice up remote work. Get out of your usual workspace and get that creative juice flowing through a new and refreshing vibe (and view)!

Check back again soon for great discoveries like this. If you have a go-to cafe for remote work, let us know! We'll include them in part ✌🏼.


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