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From Scents to Success: The Entrepreneurial Journey of SAAN SAAN

We are ecstatic to feature a creative entrepreneur behind the brand we all admire here at Lit Digital —Mark Zavalla of SAAN SAAN. In this digest, we're sharing insights from Mark about the creative process behind SAAN SAAN’s captivating scents and building a successful brand. We'll also explore the brand’s ethos influenced by personal identity and get inspiring advice for aspiring LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs and creatives.

SAAN SAAN is known for its unique scents. Can you share your creative process for developing these captivating fragrances?

"When I started blending fragrances, I picked specific places and moments out of memory. I think that was a big factor in the scents being something people haven’t smelled elsewhere; they’re very personal. The idea of transporting people "kung saan saan" was also a driving force in developing fragrances that stand out from each other. Finally, I wanted to make sure our collection tells a story. Stories just naturally captivate the imagination."

Source: @saansaanph on Instagram

Many people dream of turning their passion into a successful business. What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to pursue their creative endeavors and build a brand like SAAN SAAN?

"I think it’s important to aspire for clarity and consistency as much as possible. It doesn’t mean you will always have enthusiasm 100% of the time, but you must have a clear understanding of your vision and intention. I also think that collaboration with like-minded entrepreneurs and brands is important for expanding this vision and engaging a community in it."

Source: @saansaanph on Instagram

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, how has your personal journey and identity influenced the ethos and values behind SAAN SAAN?

"Growing up with a constricted understanding of my queer identity, I think the creative freedom I’ve applied in building and nurturing the brand as a vehicle has helped me discover aspects of my personal story that I didn’t know I could be comfortable facing. I’m also privileged to be able to use our small voice as a brand to stand up for values that are close to my heart. I think a business, especially one as small and as personal business as SAAN SAAN, can’t operate in a vacuum within the society it operates in and should try to be involved in causes that could use more platforms to stand on."

Source: @saansaanph on Instagram

What advice do you have for other aspiring LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs who want to follow in your footsteps and pursue their creative passions?

"Tell your own stories but also allow things to reveal themselves to you. Enjoy the journey."

SAAN SAAN truly celebrates creativity and individuality. From my point of view knowing Mark, I think SAAN SAAN is also a beautiful representation of him as a person --calm, intentional, and creative.

Mark's inspiring words emphasize clarity, collaboration, and authenticity. Hope this inspires more of our LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs and aspiring creatives in taking the steps toward a transformative journey of self-discovery and creative expression.

'Til the next digest. Happy Pride Month!🏳️‍🌈

-- Noreen, Founder at Lit Digital


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