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IWD: How Women at Lit Recharge As They Clock Out

We here at Lit Digital are proud to be a team of hardworking and driven women. This International Women's Day, we want to emphasize the importance of our hobbies and interests outside of our professional lives that bring us joy and help us relax and recharge.

Noreen Legaspi-Baetiong

Founder and Creative Director on Travelling

"I feel the most alive when I travel. On a regular day after work (and if my energy permits), I usually like to work out. I love yoga, pilates, or yogilates. I recently have been enjoying brisk walking and jogging since I get to listen to podcasts at the same time. I squeeze in a few high-intensity workouts whenever I can. I also enjoy cooking (esp pasta) for my loved ones. It's my love language."

Trisha Montealto

Accounts Manager on Mountaineering

"I love mountaineering because it gives me a lot of opportunities to know more about myself. Not only that, but I'm able to pick up so many learnings that are not only applicable to the sport but also to life. It has taught me how to take control of my mindset and is continuously testing my body's physical capabilities."

Jona Bawar

HR & Accounting Assistant & K-Pop Fan

"I've been a K-pop fan since 2011. Fangirling and attending concerts really make me happy. Hearing their music live feels different. It adds colors to my life and inspires me to keep moving forward."

Naia Balmes

Multimedia Artist and Product Manager on Sewing

"I've always been into fashion since I was a young girl. It's a hobby I treasure and try to protect and make sure I do for as long as I live, which is why I make sure I only do it for fun. I find sewing my own clothes very therapeutic and rewarding and is almost a love language when I get to sew for others."

Kristin Bernardino

Copywriter & Dancer

"Dancing has always been my outlet for expressing my emotions and creativity. It's also a great way to relieve stress and sweat a bit (since I'm seated for 8 hours a day because of work). I think everyone should try it at least once a week because it can be a great way to stay fit, have fun, and be creative all at the same time."

Ysa Tuazon

Junior Accounts Manager & Musician

"I learned guitar from my dad, playing random songs from The Beatles as a kid. Music is my stress relief and I feel lighter when I get to play or sing. As I grew up, I continue to do music whether it's through my school org, at choir in church, or random jams and gigs with my friends."

Coleen Nunag

Brand Marketing Executive on Food & Travelling

"Traveling and trying new foods, are two of my favorite hobbies that allow me to explore and express myself in different ways. Traveling takes me to new places, exposes me to different cultures and experiences, and allows me to connect with people from all walks of life. Trying new foods is a fun adventure that allows me to explore different tastes and culinary traditions, and I always find myself surprised by how much I enjoy something I never thought I would.

These hobbies allow me to learn more about different cultures and appreciate the beauty of the world around us."

Abby Tamayo

Design Intern & Music Lover

"As a designer, I have to gather inspiration around me and in this case, it's music! Tuning in to my favorite songs fills up my creative adrenaline whenever I design. Watching concerts and performances also motivates me as I get to witness the artists' passion for their craft. Exploring different genres of music is fulfilling, plus you also get to support the hardworking artists behind it!"

Mau Coronel

Marketing Intern & Writer

"My love for writing started in high school, where I wrote and published fictional short stories on Wattpad. As I grew older, my work transformed into writing about my personal experiences and interests through articles, features, and short stories. Eventually, I grew fond of writing about other people’s experiences and practiced the craft of storytelling through the lens of documentaries and short films. I believe no one tells your story better than you. So let us choose to be the ones to give a voice to our stories that matter and be a writer in our own ways!"

Pau Floresca

Marketing Intern & Beach Lover

“Going to the beach is something I got from my mom — she loves going on beach trips & encouraged me to try it too. It’s something I used to be anxious about because when I was a kid, I had this recurring dream about sharks! But I’m really glad I chose to overcome that. Oh, and I think Ariel being my favorite Disney princess had a little something to do with it. I love going to the beach & buying new swimsuits/bikinis! I feel most confident about myself when I am out of the city. The sea brings out a different type of "happy" in me. From the salt air, the sand, the little hermit crabs you see crawling on the shore — it’s just really something that always excites me."

Tiff Ayuban

Marketing Intern & Baker

"For many women, baking and cooking have been a cherished hobby passed down from generation to generation, often learned through their mothers and grandmothers.

For me, making time for baking and cooking is an important aspect of self-care and stress relief. The act of creating something delicious from scratch brings me a sense of satisfaction and joy. I believe that anyone can benefit from trying their hand at baking or cooking, as it provides a creative outlet, a chance to connect with loved ones, and an opportunity to nourish both the body and soul."

The whole team here at Lit Digital wishes all the women out there a Happy International Women's Day!


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