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Women Who Got Lit: Pat Sales of Messy Bessy

Messy Bessy is a social enterprise that makes eco-friendly home and personal care products while empowering at-risk youth by providing them with work and learning experiences that will help them have a brighter future ahead of them.

Pat Sales’ arrival at the company coincided with the start of the pandemic and it was a challenging time for businesses, not just for Messy Bessy. As she settled into her new role as the Community Care Lead, Pat saw firsthand the impact of the community’s support on the company's ability to continue to strive despite the challenges.

Join us for a quick chat about her experiences working for Messy Bessy, partnering with Lit Digital and her advise to like-minded women.

from Patricia Sales on LinkedIn

We admire the advocacy behind Messy Bessy. Can you share your best experience being a part of the company?

I just started working here 3 years ago, literally before the worldwide pandemic happened. Being a part of the company has been an exciting journey so far, and I really look up to all the people around me. There’s always so much to learn from them, I admire the spirit of community and everyone’s strength to keep going despite the obstacles we each face (both on our own or as a whole group).

Now that you are gearing towards a new phase in Messy Bessy, what's your message to your loyal customers and the new ones?

I can’t thank everyone enough for all the support! From our first announcement about the recovery break, people have come pouring in to show up and I really appreciate that. To new customers, I hope you guys can stick around for the ride! It’ll be worth it.

How has it been so far working with our team at Lit Digital?

The Lit team has been SO HELPFUL since we started working together. I only wish I got to meet them sooner! I’ve worked mostly with Trisha and I’m very thankful for her diligence and patience. She’s been so easy to work with, and I’m excited to keep the partnership going!

"Lit team has been SO HELPFUL since we started working together. I only wish I got to meet them sooner!"

For International Women's Month, we'd like to know what's one thing you want to share with women not just in business or even your younger self that's not always talked about more frequently than it should be?

Kindness is not weakness! I feel like most people don’t value kindness as much as they should. It takes a lot of strength for someone to stay kind even when things don’t always go as they planned or hoped.

"Kindness is not weakness!"

Through her experience, Pat has a deeper perspective on the importance of supporting local businesses and the impact they can have on a community. She learned that it’s not just about the products or services offered, but also about the people behind the business and the sense of community that can be fostered by supporting them.

Working with Messy Bessy has definitely given our team here at Lit a deeper understanding of their advocacy and even more respect for what they do.

The Lit Digital Team wishes Pat, the Messy Bessy team, and all the women out there a Happy International Women's Month!


Check out Messy Bessy online!


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